Dale and I talk with Alex Carr from Amazon’s Omnivoracious about the conception of Survivors’ Club, about the “Ceti Alpha V earworm from hell” as Dale calls it that we sent borrowing into the DC offices, and the characters that keep surprising us.



AC: Each of these characters represents an archetype in horror—how did you decide what concepts made the cut?

DH: We pitted them together in a Battle Royale-type scenario and saw which could come out on top. (Spoiler: Alice emerged wearing the other Survivors’ entrails as a scarf.) Each character is a riff on a genre or a subgenre of horror. Very loosely…we have cursed object/video games, haunted house/possession, slasher, cannibal/vampire, killer doll/doppelganger and J-horror. It’s a menagerie of the macabre.

… We have also considered how these genres/subgenres would mix, which you don’t often see in horror. What happens when the haunted house meets slasher? When body horror meets gothic horror? Killer doll meets zombies? What if Sadako (The Ring) dated Freddy?

LB: … Dale and I want to subvert expectations wherever we can. You think you know this story? We’re going to pull the rug out from under your feet, and then you look down and see that the rug is made out of human skin and hair…and those aren’t your feet.

Click through here for the full interview and Issue #6 will be out next month, so pre-order now from your local comic books store or you can buy the whole series in digital from Comixology right now.


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Survivors Club covers 1-5