I was home sick yesterday, so I finally got round to taking down my Murder Wall, which I used to map out The Shining Girls, the killings, the movement of the objects, the various intersecting timelines.

Talk about unsnarling a knotty plot!

I get into what it all means, the power of Twitter and a hilarious, absurd, true anecdote about science fiction and the dark days of apartheid over at at Wired’s Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy Podcast where you can also see a better photo of the Murder Wall in full.

Unsnarling the murder wall lauren with murder wall cu

(NB: the second photo is from a professional shoot by ace photographer Morne van Zyl taken a few months ago. I do NOT wear make-up and effortlessly tousled hair when I am down with a snotty, grotty cold. More like fleece dressing gown and socks and pathetic misery.)