Ralph Harris at BookPage spoke to me about neuroscience research mementos, dimension hopping, character flaws and assets and writing while simultaneously making sure you’re looking after yourself. We talk inspo for Bridge, getting to hang out with unbelievably smart scientists – there is an immersive psychedelic light and music show in London which I absolutely recommend. One of the incredible privileges of being a writer is that I get to do fun things, talk to interesting people all over the world and call it research.
Incredibly vivid and colourful image of Bridge by Kenn Enns for Shelf Life Books via IG. Thank you Kenn!

“In her latest novel, Beukes is facing the literal implications of multiple lives, each intersecting and colliding.”

Via Bookpage:

The characters in Bridge have an impressively realistic balance of admirable qualities and concerning flaws. Did you have any core inspirations for Bridge and Jo? Did one come into focus earlier than the other?
Bridge is a departure from most of my protagonists, because she’s so uncertain, so adrift in her life. Part of that is in reaction to growing up with Jo and Jo’s obsession with a reality-switching artifact, partly it’s being young in the 2020s in a world that feels very chaotic and scary right now. She’s trying to come to terms with her mother’s death, that the weirdness of her childhood was maybe real, not one of Jo’s delusions, and who the hell she’s supposed to be. She’s always been paralyzed by choice, but the situation she’s catapulted into is going to force her to make some really big ones.

Jo was easier to write because she’s dead set on what she wants, but that single-mindedness exploring other realities has cost her a lot in this one, including her relationship with her daughter.