Scott Edelman invited me to lunch during Readercon in July this year. We talk writing, mental health, my latest novel Bridge while trying out the most exceptional (and unexpected) combo of eats at Bright Light Authentic Jamaican & Filipino Cuisine in Quincy near Boston. The whole conversation has been published on Edelman’s podcast series Eating the Fantastic. Thank you so much Scott for the lunch and the chat!
Eating the fantastic with Scott Edelman
Image by Eating the Fantastic with Scott Edelman

“The stories we consume also become a part of who we are […] that’s a huge privilege that people are engaging with your work […]”

Via Scott Edelman’s Eating the Fantastic:

At this year’s Readercon, my first guest of the weekend was Lauren Beukes, who I first met at the very start of her novel publishing career — at the 2009 Worldcon in Montreal, where Angry Robot Books held a launch party which included Moxyland.

We discussed why the genre community is like a giant amoeba, how her choice of D&D character is in perfect sync with the way she writes, the reason she only recently realized she has ADHD (and why her new novel Bridge is definitely an ADHD book), why AI can never replace writers, the ways in which the protagonist of her new novel is different from all her other protagonists, the importance of authenticity readers, […] and much, much more.