Sadie Collins over at Vox magazine has made this awesome list of horror novels, which also all happen to be by women. I’m so happy to be included on it, together with Helen Oyeyemi, Jennifer McMahon, graphic novelist Emily Carroll and more. Collins writes:

Part gritty inner-city thriller and part horrific Grimm’s fairy tale, Broken Monsters is about the unholy marriage of reality and impossibility on the streets of Detroit. The story begins in November, when Detective Gabriella Varsado finds the mutilated corpse of a 10-year-old boy fused together with the lower half of a deer. The serial killer in question is on a quest to brutally create a new world out of the old. He is one of several narrators, and being in his mind is only part of the reason this book is so horrific. Beukes’ writing is mind-numbingly entrancing as much as it is flinch-inducing. Her other novels, including The Shining Girls and Zoo City, drip with malice, cleverness and violence; they’re sharp to the touch.

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