Throwback to when NPR interviewed me in 2013 for The Shining Girls. We talk writing and researching, the violence depictions in the book (read the related post All The Pretty Corpses on violence in pop culture), optioning the adaptation for TV and I read an excerpt from The Shining Girls. A snippet from the interview:

How did you decide which historical elements to use?

“I researched a lot into Chicago. I lived there in 2000 and 2001 … There were particular eras I was specifically interested in, like I was very interested in the Red Scare and McCarthyism. I think, especially being a South African, with the way that tied into apartheid, and the kind of repression and regime that we went through as well.”

“[…] I really wanted you to be with the women at the end and to feel what they’re going through and i think maybe that makes it harder to read.”

Beautiful dark themed photo of The Shining Girls taken by Marie McWilliams @bookishmarie. Thank you Marie!