Stuart Kelly at The Spectator wrote a fantastic review on Bridge. He writes about the sci-fi body swapping and enjoys some of the fun imagery in my new book. Kelly calls it a fun but serious novel. As always readers be wary that there are some big spoilers in most reviews of Bridge but as always the blog post versions here are spoiler-free.

Image by Joanna Durrant @jojo_durrant via Twitter

“What Beukes brings is – like her protagonist – multiple. First, the imagery is brilliantly quirky (zoetropes, a thumb piano, a yappy dog), so the set-up is nicely awry: there isn’t a science behind this horror”

In Kelly’s words:

Lauren Beukes is a writer who puts cerebral propositions into breakneck thrillers: structural misogyny in The Shining Girls; the flipside of patriarchy in Afterland. In Bridge, she investigates the depressive’s favourite hypotheticals – could have, should have, would have, might have.