So happy to see Afterland on the Washington Posts’ bumper list of books to stay home and read in July! Other fantastic titles featured include Hamnet by Maggie O’Farrell, Charlie Kaufman’s Antkind, and Utopia Avenue by David Mitchell.

It’s behind a paywall, but here’s what they have to say about Afterland:

Three years after a pandemic known as The Manfall, the world is run by women. Is it a better place? Not for mothers like Cole, who will go to any length to protect her 12-year-old son from a fate as a reproductive resource, sex object or “stand-in son.” To evade Cole’s sister, mother and son must race across a United States transformed by imbalance and despair.

Love this shot of Afterland and co from one of my favourite indie bookstores in New York, @greenlightbklyn.