TIME’s Shannon Carlin wrote a piece on Shining Girls the day it premiered, dissecting how the new Apple TV+ series differs from the book. Silka Luisa explains why aspects of the book were integral to the story and why some elements needed to be adapted for the screen. Luisa reveals what she learnt from her discussions with me and from what she took from reading the book about what made The Shining Girls an important story that needed to be told: Shining Girls is an unsettling look at how the effects of a traumatic experience can ripple throughout someone’s life, but Luisa hopes viewers will find hope in Kirby’s journey of resilience.”.

Carlin writes:

“After reading Lauren Beukes’s 2013 psychological thriller Shining Girls, Silka Luisa knew she had to try and turn it into a TV show. “[The book is] a wholly unique take on the serial killer genre,” Luisa told TIME. “For the first time, I was seeing a balance between serial killer and female survivor. That felt really special.””

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