I’m so honoured to have been included, by dint of Afterlandin this piece from Time Magazine of July reads.

Afterland rubs shoulders with, among others, I Hold a Wolf by the Ears by Laura van den Berg, Empire of Wild by Cherie Dimaline, and Zadie Smith’s new collection of essays, Intimations, which she reportedly wrote during lockdown (uhm, how?!).

Annabel Gutterman writes:

After a global pandemic has fatally infected most of the world’s population, a mother named Cole is determined to do whatever it takes to protect her 12-year-old son Miles. As one of the few surviving boys, Miles had been housed at a government facility in California, until Cole came to his rescue. Now on the run, the duo must navigate a perilous landscape of fear and uncertainty, in which Cole has to disguise Miles as a girl. Lauren Beukes’s timely and unsettling novel, Afterland, depicts their journey across the country as they attempt to find safety.

Stunning photo of the American edition of Afterland nicked from @myarmchairadventures‘s insta.

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