Rob Hart, author of The Warehouse, wrote up this piece for Book Riot, recommending crime reads that defy all genre labels. I’ve always defined my writer identity as “genre-flexible”, and I love what Rob has to say about genre: “It all makes me wonder if genre labels are a little punitive. As if they’re another opportunity to peg a book into one corner or another, when the reality is that books can be many things at once.”

It’s super cool to see The Shining Girls on the list, alongside Lock Every Door by Riley Sager, Jade City by Fonda Lee, and others.

Rob writes:

This 2014 novel is a new take on the serial killer genre, about a murderer who preys on young woman, but doesn’t travel the land looking for his victims—he travels through time. And eventually he’s pursued by the woman who gets away. It’s a challenging book—in terms of both the violence and the sharpness of the time and narrative shifts—but in the end, you will be rewarded.

Photo creds go to @lostinmybook_

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