It’s so cool to see Afterland on Entertainment Weekly’s slideshow of new books to read in July. I’m happy to be in the company of new books from David Mitchell, Paul Tremblay (whose horror has helped me through lockdown by putting it in perspective: pandemic yes, demonic possession, no), Maggie O’Farrell, and Josh Malerman (of Bird Box fame), among others.

Seija Rankin and David Canfield write:

This dystopian novel has been described as Children of Men meets The Handmaid’s Tale. After a global pandemic (yep) knocks out most of the world’s male population, a mother tries to protect her young son (one of the last remaining men) from a government that would prefer to see him become solely a reproductive resource — or worse.

Shelfie creds to @greenlightbklyn. (What an incredible line-up!)

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