Dale Halvorsen and I chatted with Paste about the Survivors’ Club series we are working on and our writing and plotting sessions, which Dale told them are “like creepy playtime”.


Dale talked about Bill Sienkiewcz’s work and how his head exploded like a scene out of David Cronenberg’s Scanners when Vertigo suggested Sienkiewiwcz do our covers, and we had to consider our survival skills when Paste asked us which horror movie we’d have the best chance of making it out of alive:

Beukes: Yikes, so many. So many of the characters are just ridiculously stupid. I remember watching Vacancy most recently and yelling at the characters the whole way through. “For Pete’s sake, wrap your hand in a towel, smash the mirror, use a broken shard as a piece of glass!” This may come from my history of playing video games, especially the Sierra and LucasArts quest games, as well as the first person shooters. I spent my childhood looking at ordinary objects and trying to figure out how to combine them into useful tools.

Halvorsen: I’m tempted to say Left Behind (that’s a horror movie, right?) because there’s no way I’d be Raptured.

Click through for the full interview, and Issue #6 will be out next month, so pre-order now from your local comic books store or you can  buy the whole series in digital from Comixology right now.